Breeder’s Sweepstakes Results from New England

Some wonderful members called me this evening and gave me the top ten results for the Breeder’s Sweepstakes.  There were 21 entered in the class….Drum Roll Please….

(updated 07/25/08 – the rest of the entries were added to the bottom of the list)

 1st Place (winning $20,000)  Regal Masterpiece (Stoney Hollow Ice Man x Cherries Wild); Owned by Beth Lynn Hoskins; Shown by John Hufferd (note: John has handled 9 out of the last 18 winners of the Breeder’s Sweepstakes)

2nd Place (winning $9600)  Grand Cru Margaurex (Stonecroft Trilogy x Sizzle) Owned by Cheri Barber; Shown by Cheri Barber

3rd Place (winning $6400)  Indian Creek Splendidson (Mizrahi x MEM Exotica) Owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. Russel Quilhot; Shown by Kurt Hufferd

4th Place (winning $4400)  Playmor’s Juke Box Hero (Mizrahi x JRS Sheerox) Owned by Playmor Farm, LLC; Shown by Bill and Sammi Hazen

5th Place (winning $3200)  MSV The Next Millennium (Minion Millennium x Aljaks La De Da) Owner by Margaret Van Meter; Shown by John Hufferd

6th Place (amount unknown) LNT Louie Louie (Belalugosi x Discreet) Owned by Grande L Farms, LLC; Shown by John Hufferd

7th Place (amount unknown) Ultras Eragon (Ultras Special Agent x Ultras Miss Isabelle) Owned by Stephen D. Smith; Shown by Stephen D. Smith

8th Place (amount unknown) Armada Headliner (On Line x MGM Brown Eyed Girl) Owned by William and Carol Johnson; Shown by Mike Carpenter

9th Place (amount unknown) KJM Grandslam (Man In Motion x KLM First Lady) Owned by Kourt Jester Morgans; Shown by Lynn Peeples

10 Place (amount unknown) Casin0 (Cartier x RRB Mad Love) Owned by The Gove Family Trust; Shown by Richard Boule’ and Sarah Gove

Other Class Entries

Grand Cru Cristal (Grand Cru Dom Perignon x Kenya) Cheri Barber, owner

Ultra’s Here For The Party (Ultra’s Special Agent x Party Song) Deloise Mitchell, owner

Tacori (Cartier x Promises Kept) William Filosi & Bill Wilbur, owner

EKL Awestruck (Minion Millennium x Relentless Charm) Eli Lapp, owner

Ultra’s Eclipse (Ultra’s Special Agent x Bluefield’s French Lace) Denish Hoor & Sheri Beard, owner

EKL Rewind (Minion Millennium x Relentless Charm) Eli Lapp, owner

SSL Ringo (Man In Motion x Honeytree No Illusion) Sam Lapp, owner

Armada Party Line (On Line x VL Mandalay) William & Carol Johnson, owner

NSS Cantango (Century Night Music x Prairie Hill Promenade) Tammy Deviers, owner

Ultra’s Miss Elegance (Ultra’s Special Agent x SPR Stephanie) Stephen Smith, owner

Partridge Hill Password (On Line x Partridge Hill Pageant) Gregory & Carol Fleck, owner

8 Responses to Breeder’s Sweepstakes Results from New England

  1. colwilrin says:

    Do you know who was on the judging panel?

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I will find out for you. Check back later this afternoon.

  3. jessica says:

    Looking at Shane’s photos, it appears that Scott Thacker joined Daryl Hopson, Euchee Matthews and Lisa Cunningham-Waller. If there is a fifth judge, either I didn’t see him/her in the photos, or don’t recognize him/her.

  4. jessica says:

    Found a pic of all 5 judges – the fifth appears to be Conky Price.

  5. GraceMorgn says:

    Does anyone know if there is a list of all of the sweepstakes winners? I have often wondered if the winning babies go on to have performance careers. Thought I would look them up. Thanks in advance.

  6. amie9191 says:

    GraceMorgn I was just sitting here thinking the same thing… would be interesting to see!

  7. Black Eye Beth says:

    That would be pretty cool. Great idea.

  8. Bananas says:

    didnot some of them end up being grand producers too!! perhaps a bonus $$$ for those that can pull a buggy or wear a sadlle of some sort…….just a thought. great job @ above level!

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