Harry Dabbs hunt saddle- Like New!

Semi custom 17.5″ dk. brown hunt saddle, plain flap, no knee roll, medium tree.  Used less then 15 times.  Always kept inside never used in the rain, snow etc..  Mint condition.  Sells complete w/fittings and girth.  $900

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  1. Morgan Hertz says:

    this saddle is exactly what we have been looking for!
    is there anyway we can discuss trying it out?

  2. Karen Hertz says:

    Hello, We are waiting for a response to our e-mail on July 13. Our trainer is letting us use his Harry Dabbs saddle and my daughter did great with it.He wants us to find one and yours sounds perfect. PLEASE respond. I would love to see a photo,if possible. We need it by the Buckeye Regional show in early August.Thanks in advance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can email you a picture. What is your email address?

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Scroll up to see the added pic of the saddle.

  5. Karen Hertz says:

    Thanks for the picture- my trainer is just back from New England show and I’ll ask him(David Earehart of Liberty Stables) to look at it today,if possible. I think it’s great and if he approves, we’ll buy it!

    Karen B. Hertz

  6. Anonymous says:

    I remeasured the saddle and I believe it’s 17″ not 17.5″ as advertised. Sorry about that. If you are still interested let me know.

  7. Karen B. Hertz says:

    Yes, I’m still interested in the saddle at 17 inches. My trainer is getting back to Mich. by Tues. night (had to stop and see some horses) but they were going to try to look at the picture online last night and I’ll call him mid-day today to see if they checked it out. Be in touch soon, Karen

  8. Karen B. Hertz says:

    Still waiting to get the OK from my trainer. They were very busy after returning from New England. We still are VERY interested, please let me know how to best handle the transaction,if they give the final approval. Is a credit card acceptable or how would you prefer payment? My home phone is (734)222-8804,cell is (269)598-4181. Thanks ,Karen

  9. Karen B. Hertz says:

    J.B., We are planning to drive over to your area by mid- afternoon on Mon. Aug. 4. I’ll call you at work by late afternoon to get directions. We will be stopping in Portage to visit friends about 1:00pm, then coming down around the time you get home from work. Is that OK ?. Take my cell phone number with you to work,in case you need to call me back. We won’t be able to stay long’ but really want to meet you. Thanks, Karen

  10. Karen B. Hertz says:

    J.B., We had a great time at Buckeye Challenge show with the saddle and my daughter liked it. However, our trainer decided that it is just a bit too small for her and said we should return it to you.. He will keep his ears open for anyone looking for a great hunt saddle like that, so expect a call from me Wed. 8/13 about shipping it to you. Would Fed-Ex be OK? We have an account with them. Or, if you prefer UPS or U.S. Mail, that’s OK too.
    Thanks, Karen H.

    P.S. She won the J.R.Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure Championship with the saddle. Let me know if you want a picture

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