What Is This Website About?:

This website is a blog, which is short for weblog. Essentially, it consists of a list of articles, or posts, with comments. This site is different from a lot of other blogs, though. Many blogs restrict their authors to either an individual or a small group. On this site, we invite anyone who is interested in Morgan horses and Morgan horse shows to contribute. On the far right of the window, you’ll see a link for registration. Click on this link, and you’ll be taken to a page that requires only a username and email address to register. We’ll send you a password, and you can start posting! We promise we won’t sell your email to spammers, and we’ll only email you if absolutely necessary. Additionally, your email address is only visible at any time to you and the administrator of the blog.

We hope that you’ll consider participating in our online community, by Morgan horse enthusiasts, for Morgan horse enthusiasts!

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