New Poll-Hay Prices

A new poll is up. I am wondering what everybody is paying for hay now. I know most of you probably order by the ton but if you have a general idea of what it is per bale let us know. Also let us know what area you are from by commenting here as I think is would be interesting to see how regions compare.

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  1. LoriLiz says:

    None of the above… we make all our own hay. However, we are hearing from hay auctions around us and individuals that are selling it, that grass hay is running about $3.50 a bale in southern lower Michigan.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Lucky you! $3.50 a bale is a pretty good price from what I have heard.

  3. Jan L says:

    We sell hay. Last year our price was $4.00 a bale in southern, lower Michigan. This year the farmer who mows and bales for us raised his prices to bale by $1.00 due to increase in diesel, so I now have to increase my price to $5.00 a bale just to stay even with last year. He has to drive to our land with his tractor to mow, to rake 2 days later and then to bale the day after that. So, that is a lot of gas!….Jan

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    The rising gas prices really has a huge trickle down affect. My hay guys is trying to keep things as stable as he can. He felt bad telling me that my cost rose again to $5.50/bale that last time he was here. Since I only have a broodmare, foal and two small ponies it isn’t hurting at home as much. At least he is keeping hay for his customers and not selling it to others for the highest price he can get. Plus his hay is always consistent.

  5. Gold Creek says:

    Southern California is way high on hay prices…14.00 to 16.00 for 110 pound average alfalfa bales….grass hay, timothy, orchard hay is going for around 20.00 per bale. WE buy bulk alfalfa cubes and they are $300.00 per ton. Kelly, who says it’s expensive to keep horses in California. Oh and there is NO pasture available…

  6. Black Eye Beth says:

    Holy Cow! That makes me sick to my stomach for everybody in California! Have most folks started using alternative forages (ie Alfalfa cubes)?

  7. Gold Creek says:

    some are using cubes and pellets…there are alot of horses here that don’t eat any hay what so ever…there’s alot of horses that liteally live in peoples back yard on small acreages or in town so people feed most what is convenient to them..fuel here is 4.95 for diesel and probably 4.60 for gas


  8. Rachel Scott says:

    I am in the east metro-area of Atlanta. Unfortunately, over the last three years of drought, we have had virtually no hay. What little has been grown is exhorbitantly priced – up to $8.00 per bale for bermuda; most people don’t like to feed bermuda, so your choices are pretty much zilch – buying hay brought in from as far away as Canada and New York at $30 per bale for 100-or so-pound bales of alfalfa or timothy/alfalfa mix (this has gone up most extremely in the last year – doubled – as a combination of the third year of drought and the fuel costs). We were lucky enough to get a cutting of oat/fescue mixed hay for $6.50 per bale from a local grower this year! We are keeping our fingers crossed for more rain (but can feel the pain of those in places where it won’t quit raining)!

  9. Black Eye Beth says:

    It seems as though it is “Feast or Famine” with the rain. Very strange weather patterns this year. I didn’t realize Atlanta was a drought area over the past years. I live in NE Ohio and we have been VERY lucky so far; not too much rain, but enough to keep things growing although it was pretty dry over the spring.

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