Florida’s New Horse Sale Rules

I had posted earlier about Florida possibly passing a horse “Lemon Law” and what repercussions such a law could have on horse marketing (see “The Florida Equine Lemon Law“).  I recently found the article “New Florida Horse Sale Rules Published” by Ryan Conley on Horse.com which discusses the formation of new rules that will soon govern equine sales in this state. 

The article stated:

The rules, which were developed over several months of public meetings and private negotiations between sometimes warring horsemen interests in the state, were published online on the Florida Administrative Weekly Web site. Included in the latest version are expanded rules for writing bills of sale and disclosure, as well as the reporting of medical history, including some mandatory requirements for disclosing certain procedures.

Some of the specifics of the rules include the availability of medical records at horse auctions, the disclosure of certain medical treatments performed within seven days prior to the private sale of the horse, and the public disclosure by auction companies of horses “listed as sold that were determined to be not sold”.

Be sure to read the full article on Horse.com for the rules specifics.  I thought it was very interesting, and I did notice that the “behavioral” aspect was not included (yet?).   I do wonder how well such rules can be enforced, as well as, if this is a trend that will be seen in other states in the future.

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