Black Eye Beth Back in the Saddle Again-Michigan Showtime

So you all may have gathered that I am not around home right now.  I am actually at my first show of the year, Michigan Showtime at the MSU Pavilioin in East Lansing, MI.  We came last year and really enjoyed it, so we came back again this year.  I will be blogging from here over the next few days and will hopefully bring you all results and some good video.

 I am also here to show under saddle which I haven’t done for several years.  In fact, when I took out my show clothes I looked at the dry cleaning tag that was still attached…it said 2003!  I knew it had been a long time, just not quite that long.  Given my double reins issues (see post “So What Is My Problem” for that story), I am only hoping to make it out without any dirt on my suit.  A pretty ribbon would be nice, but, hey, let’s be realistic.

 I will keep you posted on my progress and maybe even have some video to see.

3 Responses to Black Eye Beth Back in the Saddle Again-Michigan Showtime

  1. Mocha Mom says:

    You should have seen her ride!!! It has been at least two years since I have seen Black Eye Beth on a horse. What a difference a year with a saddleseat instructor can make. BEB had learned to ride on hunters and her posture and balance were all wrong. And that was before she had even touched a full bridle. Now she actually looks comfortable and in control, even with the two sets of reins. The smile comes next. :-)

    If any of you have aspirations to really ride saddleseat you need to hook up with ‘kad’. She’s not just any riding instructor. She’s a master!

  2. kad says:

    Ok where’s the video?

    Mocha Mom, Thank you for the compliment but a good cook always starts with good ingredients.

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    Why, thank you Miss kad…you did an awful lot with just water, though!!! Video will be up today. We didn’t have the correct cord at the show.

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