Article on Garn Walker

I found a link on the Yahoo group, Morgan Bulletin Board, to an interesting article about Garn Walker.  The article, “East Meets West” on discusses his history and how he came to be involved in training.  He seems to have had many interesting life experiences.  My trainer has had the opportunity to work with him on different occasions and is very impressed with his knowledge, as well as, the fact that he and his wife are just very nice people.  Check out the article if you want to know a little more about him.

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  1. amie9191 says:

    Oh thank you for posting this!

    I admire Garn and love how his horses go!

    When I found out he was juding Mid-A last year I was sooo nervous….of course my horse made sure to act up and make me look like a fool LOL…gotta love those morgans!

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Are Morgan’s so “special” in that respect. I think they just know when the most opportune time arrives to act stupid!

    I met he and his wife a couple of times. Melissa is a riot! She seems really nice.

  3. amie9191 says:

    Garn seems like a really nice guy. He and I almost crashed our scooters head on at Grand Nationals and he was really funny about it.

    I wish he wasn’t on the opposite side of the country :-(

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