She’s HERE!! My new Morgan Filly

Here is picture of my new filly (Minion Millennium x Lookaway’s Fantasy).  I will fill you all in later about the eventful night.  If anyboy else has some new family members, let’s see them!  I still would love to have a cutest foal contest.

6 Responses to She’s HERE!! My new Morgan Filly

  1. Carole says:


    She is too cute.


    Carole L. Mercer

  2. erikarose says:

    Aw! Congratulations! I didn’t realize your mare was “The Fanny Mae!” I have heard some many wonderful stories about her over the years from Mark, Jen, and people who have worked with her. She is very well loved.

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    She taught me a lot in the two years I drove her and she is a great mom. Out of all my horses, she is probably the only one I won’t ever be able to sell. She has quite a special place in my heart.

  4. Sabine says:

    very cute!
    congaratulations from Europe!
    I wish you lot of happy time with your baby

  5. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thank you all for the well wishes! So far she is quite a little cutie, although she does have a temper…must be the fiery redhead in her!!! I think she is going to be just like her full sister, WMH Fire Dancer; they look like twins at this age.

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