Ask A Judge: Western Tack Question Answered by Judges 1&3

The following question is taken from a former post and was previously answered by Judge 2 (see “Ask A Judge: Western Tack Question Answered by Judge 2“).


One thing I have always wondered is how important those expensive silver western saddle and bridles are in shows. Are they good for getting your horse noticed in a large class or are they used as tiebreakers for when 2 horses are equally matched

Answer Judge 1:

Interesting question. I think the silver came along as a way to show off the horse and make more work for the grooms! LOLx300000000000000 Anyway I personally do not think it has any bearing on how a great western horse is tied. If anything it is just an appropriate appointment in the Morgan show world.

Answer Judge 3:

I prefer to see tack that “goes with the horse” if possible. Meaning, that if a horse has a somewhat plain face, I would rather see less silver on his head to draw less attention to it-maybe a set of plainer reins too. Maybe this horse has a really pretty body that can carry a saddle with more silver on it to draw your attention backwards away from the plain faced front a bit. All very suttle touches, take contribute or take away from the overall picture. Try to accent the most positive features of your horse no matter what division they are in.

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