Signature Sale Brief Update

Although I was not able to go I did talk to a couple of people this morning.  Apparently the turn out last night was not great (seating was about 1/2 full).  The prices started out pretty low (around the $1000-$4000 range) but got a little higher as the night went on.  The highest priced sale was just above $20,000 with some others in the $10,000-$20,000 range.  From what I understand many were sold for under $10,000 so there were many good bargains to be had.  As I said this is via phone so, hopefully, we will get a couple of attendees that can give us a first person account later this weekend!

Update 4/6/2008:  I talked to some people at the Sale yesterday evening and today and it seems that the Saturday morning session was much like the night before; low turnout, lower prices, good deals.  Last night, the more “seasoned” show horses were ran through and there were some higher prices, some above $20,000.  There were, however, many “No Sales” also.  I hope to get actual prices later this week. 

(Editor’s Note:  For a comment and Sale Stats from Jim and Jenny Taylor see “Signature Sale-Message From Jim and Jenny Taylor” – 4/9/08)

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