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Above Level has been very fortunate to have had such a wonderful start.  So many people have been visiting, posting, and commenting that has become a real “community”.   From its origin we have wanted this blog to be a site “by Morgan horse enthusiasts, for Morgan horse enthusiasts”.  With that in mind, we would love to hear any ideas and suggestions that you may have that would make Above Level even better.  Should we add something or change something? Would you like to see more interviews or show information? Let us know what your think even if it is just have a comment about Above Level in general (positive or negative; we want to hear it all!).  We really do want this to be a blog for everybody and your input is important to us. 

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  1. Mocha Mom says:

    I would like to see participation by some show committees, or someone involved in show management. (Fred Nava, where are you?) The polls have the potential to communicate exhibitors’ needs in class schedules. This is would be more efficient than offerring a new class and waiting a couple of years to see if anyone wants to participate.

    It would also be great to get the attention of the AMHA Rules Committee to let them know where there is a potential need for revision, without going through the TEDIOUS (not to mention inefficient) process of proposing a rule change and having it defeated because of unclear wording. If the Rules Committee could take the intent of a proposed change, write and then present it to the Rules Forums in a clear and unbiased way, we might be able to institute needed changes more quickly.

    Of course, in order to have any real influence, we would need participation by many more people, so encourage all of your Morgan friends to speak up on this site. With 500 people registered on Above Level, if everyone would vote in the polls, we could say that we represent a significant portion of people interested in showing Morgan horses, and I think that AMHA and most show committees would be interested in what we have to say.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I would love to have involvement from show committees. I think this could be a very good place for productive discussion.

    I hope that once Above Level gets out to the shows this summer (and other users post about their show experiences — pretty, pretty please since I can’t get to all the shows), we might get the amount of visibilty and traffic to have the committees take notice. Maybe that will get them involved in the blog and topics that arise.

    Are there any committee people out there that read Above Level? If there are, maybe you could give me some suggestions as to how to get other committees members of various shows involved. It would be greatly appreciated!

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