A Good Day – by Carole Mercer

Today was a good day. Today arrived with the morning foggy and dreary. The trees dripped moisture onto the already soggy ground. The air was cold and damp. I had a difficult time getting the fire started. Today started well. I walked out and called the mares in. They came in running, stopped and each went into her stall to eat their awaiting breakfast.

The day got better. I returned to the house for my second cup of coffee when the first load of firewood arrived.

I helped the neighbor cowboy unload and stack a cord of oak.

I went into the house afterward, swallowed an aspirin for my already hurting muscles. Then the second pick-up load of wood arrived. This time the truck was filled with at least two cords of wood. I helped unload and stack the wood. I went into the house for more coffee and an other aspirin.

I walked up to the barn and played “trick horses” with all the mares. Bobby is making the bow. She has it figured out. Only one more mare to go and that is Valentine. She will learn the bow too. I have to now remember all the tricks that they all know and what they do not know. I am trying to keep the lessons balanced. The trick training reminds me of when I taught school and had to remember where all the kids were in all the lessons all the time. Nothing like recreating what you love to do.

Some where this morning merged with some sun and then turned into afternoon I had a long lining with a gal who brought a huge beautiful 17 hand mare for a long lining lesson. The mare was perfect. The mare only needs a little tweaking, but she is perfect.

When the lesson was over, I hauled mulch down to cover the open areas along the drive way so I will not have to water so much this summer. Winter work is the same as summer work. I guess that program makes some since.

About that time Brian and Kristy came along to feed the cow with Brian’s nephew Matt riding on the back of the tractor. I jumped up on the fender with Kristy driving so we could “farm visit while the men knocked the flakes of hay off to feed the cows. Kristy and I had a nice visit.

After they left, I still had enough daylight so
I mowed a small section of the pond pasture to keep the weeds even with the grass.
|I then came in for dinner of cold chicken and some vegetables…

I had a good day. Every day I get is a good day.

5 Responses to A Good Day – by Carole Mercer

  1. Sabine Mayer says:

    hello Carole!
    I wish I could spent time with you together. We would be a perfect team.
    Maybe we could visit you this year, we will see!
    Cold chicken for dinner? I think I must send you Christian :-))

  2. Jeff Wilding says:

    I LOVE COLD CHICKEN! Yes, every day has the potential of being a good day. It is all in how we go about it.

  3. Leah Young says:

    Hi Carole what a great day you had!I love cold chicken!

  4. ramonabrave1 says:

    I have been one of the fortunate people who have had an opportunity to spend time with Carole and her wonderful “Dancing Morgans”. The first time a group of us from a Morgan horse Club went to visit, I was so very happy to realize that Carole was the real deal. There are so many that think they are, but she really knows her stuff as regards horses and is a superb teacher as well as being lots of fun.

    Carole, you need to tell about Cowboy Camp if you have not done so.

    Kudos to a great horsewoman, teacher, writer and friend.

    Marjorie Hazelwood

  5. kim Malloy says:


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