Michigan Morgan Shows Move Back to the State Fairgrounds

As many of you have already heard, some of the Michigan horse shows are moving back to the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit this spring and summer. Although I never attended any of the shows when they were previously held there, I did hear scary stories about not only the city of Detroit, but also the area surrounding the show grounds.

Recently I came across a Yahoo group post by Bill Tressler of the Michigan Justin Morgan Horse Association regarding this move. He agreed to let me re-post his comment here for those that may be considering these shows:

I thought I should shed some light on the horse shows moving back to the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit. We have not been there in the last 8 years due to enormous cost increases so we had to move elsewhere.

This year there will be at least three shows moving back, the Spring Show, the all Breed Youth Show and the Michigan All Morgan.

As someone who has shown down there for over 40 years I have seen the facility and area change a lot. It has a fantastic and huge coliseum to show in, two covered makeup arenas and 3 (possibly 4) great barns with over 400 permanent stalls.

The area around the grounds has been totally taken over by the fairgrounds. They have taken out a softball complex that adjoined the grounds and have now added another entire row of camping spaces right behind the barns. The entire area north of the grounds is a hotbed of great restaurants, shops and sightseeing opportunities that you need to explore. And for those of you so inclined it is a very short drive to
the Detroit waterfront to try out your gaming skills at three great casinos.

Many people are thrilled we will be returning to the fairgrounds and if you have never been there you should really give it a chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and I know the show committees will be working overtime to put on a great show.

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  1. I have shown there and it area itself is not a safe place. You do not want to take a wrong turn out of there or you are in a really not good place. I had several items taken when I showed there from my stalls, truck and trailer which were all locked and there was security on site. I admit it is a nice place to show at but it isn’t worth going and dealing with the traffic and what could happen. I know there are several others who feel the same way and won’t be showing at any of these shows this year because of the move but I am sure there will be some who do because they moved it so I think it will be a push and they will not see a n increase in attendance or horses shown. I could be wrong but I am pushing hard for them not to move the Futurity there or I will not be showing there either. It is my option not to show if I don’t like the site but where it is currently is a nice enough place for the shows.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    As I said in the post, I haven’t been to the Detroit fairgrounds but I have been to the fairgrounds in Corunna. I really, really liked being there. It was a very “family friendly” place and felt very safe. I do understand the need of a covered show ring, though. We did have some slight flooding at the Corunna grounds when we were there a couple of years ago.

  3. spiritofplay says:

    I have attended shows both at the fairgounds in Detroit as well as Corunna. I personally, am thrilled with the move back to Detroit. The stalls and barns are safer for the horses and it will accomodate many more people and horses!
    As far as the area around the fairgrounds in Detroit, lets face it, most larger city fairgrounds are not located in great areas. Take a look at Indianapolis, The Ohio State Fairgrounds, Circle J…they are all located in areas where we would not normally spend time. But, I do believe the security is as good as it can be, and, you can encounter bad people anywhere…doesn’t have to be the inner city!
    The bottom line is, I love horse shows and the horse industry. If we don’t support our horse shows, we aren’t going to have any horse shows to go to!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Too Bad about the move. Corunna was very friendly.
    Detroit is a nightmare to drive in and I remember from showing there in years past that there were many problems.

    I guess I won’t be there this year. Please move back to a better show grounds!

  5. Someone that knows says:

    I have been to both places and have to say that there is nothing like showing in the coliseum! It’s worth the traffic to have that experience. The only trouble we had on the grounds was from other exhibitors and their grooms. The area is much better than it use to be and the barns are great as well as the stalls. No more board stalls – all are stud safe. The last couple of years at Shiawassee everyone complained about how dirty it is, how bad the footing is and the majority of the people were saying that they were not going to show up there any more. I’m sure with the committees involved that they will do everything in their power to make this a great move back. If you want to help or express your opinion to people that care contact the managers of these shows. I am sure they would love to hear what you have to say. Things change over time. This area is one of them.

  6. jns767 says:

    I recently moved from the Ferndale area (to Lansing) and lived about 10-minutes from the fairgrounds. The grounds are really right there in Ferndale which is a pretty nice area with great restaurants and shops. The grounds are in a bit of a sketchy area, but they are safe themselves. There is actually a very nice restaurant right by the grounds (La Dolce Vita). I grew up going to the ALL Morgan horse show when it was held there, and I will never forget that first time trotting up that ramp into the historic coliseum (spelling). I am thrilled to have some shows back there – personally, I can’t stand Shiawasee – it’s so dusty, dirty and MUDDY when it rains. I also hate that there’s not a covered warm up ring. I have to say that I was a bit dissappointed in the condition of the grounds in 2008 – things look quite run down. The coliseum is still great though, I really hope people will atleast give it a chance for 2009!!

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