Beating the Fuel Prices; March 2, 2008

Mother Nature is still playing games with her weather antics. Yesterday she went from warm, to cold, to windy, to hail, to colder to warm and then back to cold and windy. I started some fallen twigs bonfires while it was warm and sunny.(I can legally do some agricultural burning this month.) Mother Nature quickly let me know that she was in charge of any warmth to be had on that day. She promptly rained out the little fires and as soon as they were too wet to burn…she let the sun back out of the clouds. I love Mother Nature. She is such a great example for me as I age. I just wish I could let go and be as fickle as she.

With the gas prices so high I am only going into town once a week, I have fallen back into my old habits of using horses to do much of my farm work here on my ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon. When I started performing with my Dancing Morgans across the United States, I began to spend less time farming and more time teaching the horses to dance. I used the tractor because it I thought the tractor was quicker.

Right now with the prices so high, two hours of work with the tractor equals $30.00 of fuel. Last week I hooked up the horses again to the pasture harrow and started pasture harrowing with the horses. How had I forgotten the wonderful feeling of walking behind a horse and a harrow? I could hear everything and see the lovely little mare dancing ahead of me while she leaned into the collar and knocked down the pasture poop. (I knock down poop every day.) NO piles of manure on my place.I have very few flies and the place always looks groomed.I am looking for a neighbor who will go to town with me and my carriage so we can do marketing. I have to stay with the pair while someone goes in to buy the food. The trip would only be 12 miles and we can do that in a couple of hours.

Yup….gas prices are going up, but I might as well make use of neglected talents that have been lying dormant in my finger tips. I have Morgan horses…the most versatile breed around. If I know how to do the job, then they can do the job. I love farming with Morgan horses. These mares are truly earning their shoes as we go Dancing across the fields.

4 Responses to Beating the Fuel Prices; March 2, 2008

  1. Jeff Wilding says:

    Yes, Little Blue is fun to operate if it has to be done right now, but the horses are the way to go. Been there, done that. Thanks.

  2. Kim Phillips says:

    I’ll go to town with you..I’ll even do the grocery shopping…

  3. Sabine says:

    In 30 years when there is no oil anymore, there will be more and more horses.
    Back to the old good times again! :-)

    I wish I could go shopping with you and your mares!
    –but Austria or Spain is a little bit to far away :-(

  4. Christian says:

    Sabine want to go shopping with you and your mares? Spain is too far away? – No problem! – We have Morgans too – we will swim with them over the ocean – that´s a good warm-up for Morgans!
    Then we canter through hole USA to you – then they will be happy and ready for a shopping tour!

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