2008 New England Morgan Horse Association Winter Get-Away and Awards Banquet

The NEMHA held their annual convention the weekend of Feb. 1-3. Chris Cassenti and Kay Thompson were inducted into the NEMHA Hall of Fame. Chris submitted the photos and had the following to say.

“Here are some pics from the NEMHA Winter Get-Away Convention and Awards Banquet. I think their info on what took place is still on their web site. Kay Thompson, Broadfields, Eliot, ME and I both were inducted into the NEMHA HALL OF FAME!!! Apparently Kay knew about the award, as her family attended. It was a SURPRISE for me!! Kay and I were both thrilled to have been inducted at the same time; we have served on the NEMHA Board together for what seems to be 100 years and we are both past presidents of NEMHA. We are also good friends and feel like family.”

“The group of girls who won Saddleseat Equitation Championships!!!” (below)

“The last photo is my “extended family.” This was the group of those who attended the convention that got their start with me or at Chrislar Farm, or were heavily influenced and brought into their current roles through me. They include Professional Trainers, Instructors, Breeders, Horse Show Managers (including Fred Nava), Youth of the Year Recipients, Vet Technicians, World Champion Equitation Riders and a few Exhibitor/Owners & “Hopefuls.” How fun it is to have this photo … and there are more out there!!! Gosh…I’m proud!!!”

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  1. Lee says:

    Hi this is my first year of getting an award with the NEMHA. Can you give me some more information on it. Do they announce your name and you go up or do you get your ribbon when you enter.

  2. bethanym says:

    you have a dinner and then they individually go through each award calling up the champion-fourth place or however many award winners there are for each division

  3. Lee says:

    Ok thanks!

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