My “Shout It Out!” for Tonight – Pet “Communicators”

I met a woman who had a pet “Communicator” that she consulted regularly (almost daily, I think) about the horses that she owned.  Supposably, the “communicator” could talk with these horses in an effort to help the owner understand why they exhibited certain behaviors.  Although I do believe there are people who are very astute at watching and evaluating animal behavior, this particular “Communicator” did it over the phone.  She never visited the horses or watched them.  She was able to “talk” to these animals by simply knowing their names. 

Seem a little fishy?  I thought it did so I ran a Google search on the communicator’s name.  I found out that this particular communicator was not only highly educated in human psychology, but also was an avid student of animal behavior.  Hmmm…Maybe she was just very good at asking the right questions of the owner and then applied her “sixth sense” by using what she had studied about animal behavior.  This communicator even keeps her client’s credit card numbers on file so that she can easily bill them for her time. 

It always seemed to me that if an individual did, indeed, have this sort of miracle gift, he or she would not turn it into a business.  Instead I would like to think that such a gift would be so precious that the person possessing it would use it in a more constructive fashion (maybe tell all the endangered animals how to survive in a world with an ever increasing human population?).  I am wrong or just too cynical?  If there was a “laying of hands” on the animal or something like that maybe I could buy into it (a little bit); but over the phone??? I’m sorry but I just don’t get it.

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  1. Mocha Mom says:

    Once again, the triumph of marketing over common sense, which perhaps, isn’t so common.

  2. Carole says:

    Ahhhh! In the world of horses…”snake oil” and “hocome” still runs rampant.Sounds like a fine scam to me….I just never give out that credit card number.Carole

  3. Susie Morgan says:

    I read with interest the blog on animal communicators. I have been using a great one for nearly 20 years. I, too was skeptical at a phone reading. But it does work. I saw Lydia Hiby do a reading with a an estblished breeder/exhibitor and confirmed the info with the owner. Lydia was right on.

    I also have called her from a show to get a question answered. Seemed weird, but did apply.

    You have to keep in mind what is said is coming from the horse. AS we all know they have as many different personalities as people. There is the glitch!

    But truly, it’s been an invaluble tool in asessing primarily health issues.

    To really further soundess and wellness an analysis of the hair will really make you take notice of how you feed your horse.

    So many horses are full of toxic elements which cn have many different affects on them.

    In breeding alone it makes the difference of settling a mare and KEEPING her in foal.

    We’ve completely changed our feeding program and our horses have never looked better. Seeing dapples in early fall and continuing all winter was certainly a pleasure. The coats are changing to a richer deeper color and they feel better.

    The worming is handled with a “topping” of milk thistle. A friend of mine feeds milk thistle also and wanted to check it against a fecal sample and the vet cam back saying “I don’tknow what you’re doing but it’s working great”. Feeding natural had definitely been a plus.

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    I don’t know…I think with my science background I just can’t buy into it. It is always good to have different perspectives, though.

  5. Leslie says:

    I think doing over the phone readings is fairly common for animal communicators, and in fact, they’ll offer their services to help find missing animals. The idea being they’re connecting mentally and spiritually, and the physical is inconsequential.

    I’m a skeptic about pretty much everything. I’ve heard stories that make the animal communicator thing seem pretty convincing, but I think there are just some people who have outstanding intuition, and from there it’s just telling people what they want to hear. Have you ever heard someone say that the animal communicator told them their horse/dog/guinea pig hates their guts and wants a new human, pronto?

  6. Mocha Mom says:

    Leslie’s comment certainly gave me my chuckle for the day.

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