“Shout It Out!”

As I was cleaning stalls today I was thinking about new features for Above Level that members and viewers would enjoy (it was very cold and I was trying not to focus on the lack of blood flow in my fingers!). My mind then wandered to thoughts of the newspaper in my parent’s hometown. It has a column called “Let It Out” where readers can have published whatever thoughts are on their minds.  Although there are many informative and interesting categories on Above Level, I decided that we need a more informal place to “congregate”; a place to just throw out the random ideas, questions, or even frustrations that pop into our minds (Upset that they ran out of your favorite pie at Penn Ohio?…Shout It Out!; Read a really good book, saw an awesome movie or heard a great CD?…Shout It Out!. Blew out the seam in your hunt boot on the way to the ring?…Get my drift??).  Although these posts can be about horse issues, they do not have to pertain to our equine pastime and can relate to any topic under the sun. I do ask that everybody use common courtesies and please keep it “PG-13”. Other than that, the sky is the limit. So, please join me in this category and “Shout It Out!”

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  1. Mocha Mom says:

    Okay, I’ll go first. BYB didn’t want to have a “Book Corner” on Above Level, so this is the next best thing, and I have to say, I like the concept.

    I’m always looking for the next book to read and thought that others out there might be too. I recently came across the funniest book that I have ever read. I read it about a year ago and couldn’t remember the author, so I really couldn’t share it with others (except for the person I gave it to, who lost it!) The book is Lamb,The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus’ Childhood Friend by Christopher Moore. It’s a great story about what Jesus was doing during the years between age 12 when he threw everyone out of the temple, and age 33 when he changed water into wine and jump-started his career. It pokes fun at all the major religions (including Buddhism and Tsaoism) in a totally believable way.

    If anyone else has a book to share, just submit a comment here and we can have our own “Book Corner” within “Shout It Out!”

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