Light Hands Horsemanship Clinic

I wanted to let every know of a very special event we are putting on in late May of this year. This is an “up close and personal” clinic with a warm and welcoming “guest friendly atmosphere” held in a beautiful setting with outstanding horsemanship. Over the weekend the clinicians will take you from birth and handeling of a foal to the training of the advanced horse.

An Invitation to Lightness

Clinicians: Dr. Robert M. Miller, Jon Ensign, Lester Buckley, Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Guest Clinician, Anne Judd

May 30 – June 1, 2008
Intrepid Farms, Santa Ynez, CA
Discount for early sign ups!
Attendance limited.
Visit website for costs

Vendors,Entertainment,Chuck Wagon Cooking,Inspiring Horsemanship

For Additional Information visit:,, 530-346-2715

Welcome back to LHH II from Dr. Robert M. Miller

“The success of our 2007 Adventure in Lightness at Intrepid Farms in California’s beautiful Santa Ynez Valley has encouraged us to do it again. The enthusiastic comments from our international audience, representing so many different breeds and disciplines is hard to ignore. The social aspects of the event seemed to please people as much as the education in horsemanship.

So, May 30-June 1, 2008 we are going to do it again. The theme will be the same: LIGHTNESS. What is “LIGHTNESS ?” By definition it is an immediate and full response to an absolutely minimum amount of stimulus (signal). In all disciplines, lightness in the use of the reins, the hands, the seat, and the legs is too often overlooked. LIGHTNESS and how to achieve it will again be the heart of this event.

The Revolution in Horsemanship has produced no finer teachers than these 4 clinicians returning to California’s Santa Ynez Valley. One of the things that they all have in common and will stress in their presentations, is the use and development of “LIGHTNESS.”

The event will emphasize the training of the horse from birth to advanced levels. I have met with few people in my life who have the qualities of patience, persistence, empathy, dedication and gentleness that are necessary in a great horseman. These featured clinicians possess these gifts and will openly share them with you.

“LIGHTNESS” is their cornerstone, it is what all four clinicians strive for from their “first touch thru advanced training”. You will see “lightness” from the hand held touch of a lead line to the hand and rein communication of the advanced horse and rider.

“MASTERS OF LIGHTNESS.” These clinicians will teach you, share their knowledge and create a desire in you to know more, to learn more. It promises to once again be a weekend not easily forgotten.” RMM

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    This sounds like an excellent clinic. I wish I were able to attend. We would certainly love to get first person accounts of people who participate. I think everyone would love to hear about it.

  2. cowboy8 says:


    We are working hard on making this a very unique event. This is a very classy affair, adult oriented. Last year we had people from all over the country and out of the country as well. We already have two signed up for 2008 from the UK. It looks like we will become an international event. Our goal is to teach very good horsmanship principles. With the line up of clinicians I think that will be easily accomplished. Besides the learning aspect of the event we want each person to feel that they get personal contact with the clinicians, kind of “up close and personal” We have added the best food the west has to offer. Very good vendors, all unique with quality merchandise. The museum tours are out of the world. The Musuem of the Cowboy is one of the largerst and best Cowboy Museums in the world. It is a private musuem so we are lucky to get to tour it. The Intrepid Collection is also on the tour…it speaks for it’s self. Art will also be displaying his silver parade saddles, some of which are Bolins. I don’t want to forget about the talent that will entertain all of us during dinner…those who come are in for a real treat.

    These are just the “things” that we are doing to make the event really special. We do not consider the people who attend as “auditors” they are “guests” and treated as such.

    The main focus are of course the horsemen and horses who will be there to share with the public. These talented horsemen are very dedicated to the horse and the well treatment of it. I know that those that attend will be thrilled at what is shared over the weekend.

    I best stop as I could go on forever about what is being offered. It is a new concept in the clinic industry and if last year was a sign of what lies ahead for Light Hands Horsemanship it looks like we have a hit on our hands.

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