The NY Futurity – FAQ

1.  What is the NY Futurity?

The NY Futurity is a program for Morgan breeders with an eye to the Future.

2.  Who can participate?

You must be a member of the New York State Morgan Horse Society ( to participate.

3.  What do I win?

Mostly bragging rights, although there are trophies and prize money too.

4.  Prize money?  How do I get some of that?

By showing a horse that has been nominated to the Futurity (and kept eligible) in the Futurity classes at the NY Regional Show in Syracuse, NY.  Futurity money is distributed to the nominator of the first eight place winners in the Futurity In-Hand classes.  This money comes from the nomination fees paid to the Futurity.  The person who nominates the Sire or Dam of the Champion and Reserve Champion Weanling also receives prize money – $50 each for the Sire and Dam of the Champion Weanling and $30 each for the Sire and Dam of the Reserve Champion.  You can also win money from the Alumni Fund if a horse that you nominated to the Futurity as a Weanling places in the top four of a Futurity Alumni class at the NY Regional.  In this way, a horse that you nominated because you had faith that it would be a Future winner will keep paying you, no matter who owns the horse.  It all goes back to the person who nominated the Weanling, who is usually the breeder, who is demonstrating their faith in their breeding choices by betting that they have bred a Future winner.

5.  What is there to brag about?

Futurity-eligible horses shown in any class except equitation at the NY Regional are awarded points based on their placing in the class.  At the end of the three-year-old year, the points are totaled and all of the eligible three-year-olds are ranked.  A Champion is declared and given a trophy at the NYSMHS Annual Awards Banquet.  Both the Champion and Reserve Champion are published in the NYSMHS Directory for six years.  All three-year-olds who have been kept eligible receive certificates of completion which allow them to be entered in the Futurity Alumni classes at the NY Regional. (see #4 above)

 6.  How much does it cost to participate?

Annual membership in the NYSMHS is $25 for an individual and $35 for a family.  (see #2 above)  Nomination fees are $90 for a Weanling, unless someone else has already nominated the Sire, in which case the fee is $60 to nominate the Weanling and Dam.  Re-nomination fees are $30 per year (plus membership in the NYSMHS) through the three-year-old year.

7.  Does a Futurity horse have to be shown to remain eligible?

No.  And there’s the beauty of being the Weanling nominator.  If you keep your horse eligible through the three-year-old year by paying the re-nomination fees, even if it’s not shown, it can still pay you back if it places in the top four in a Futurity Alumni class at the NY Regional any time after the three-year-old year. 

8.  How do I sign up?

Weanling Application and Re-nomination forms are published in the Trader (the monthly newsletter of the NYSMHS mailed to all members) during the foaling season and are available online throughout the year at  The online forms can be filled out on your computer, printed out on your printer, and mailed to the NY Futurity.  It must be received by July 15th.

9.  Can I post-enter?

Weanlings may be nominated until Dec. 31st at double the usual fee.  Horses may not be nominated to the NY Futurity after Dec. 31 of the weanling year.  Horses may be re-nominated until Dec. 31st at double the usual fee.

10.  If I buy a stallion service from the New York Stallion Service Auction, is my weanling automatically eligible for the NY Futurity?

NO.  As a benefit to the stallion owners who donate services, the SSA will pay the Sire nomination fee for Weanlings nominated to the NY Futurity.  The Weanling owner must nominate the Weanling and Dam.

11.  How can I find out more information about the NY Futurity?

Complete details can be found in the bi-annual Directory of the NYSMHS, or by calling the Futurity Chair, JoAnn Celecki.

12.  Tell me again, why should I nominate my Weanling to the NY Futurity?

Because you believe that you have a Future winner who will pay you every time it places in the top four in a Futurity Alumni class at the NY Regional, no matter who owns it.

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