Chestnut…The New Bay

Everybody wants a bay (a bay filly to be more specific).  In fact, when my mare was having her 30 day check-up, I jokingly asked my vet what she was going to have, and he instinctively said “a bay filly”.  The funny thing is that he’s a quarter horse man! He knew the ”politically correct” answer, though, because he has many Morgan owners as clients.  

Why is that?  How did the idea that “bay’s are better” get started? Is it a historical thing? 

I must admit that I’ve fallen into that mindset before. But now, I am breaking free of the norms and pronouncing “Chestnut…The New Bay”.  This is not because I am partial to the flashy nature of a bright orange beast with lots of chrome. No, it is out of necessity.  As fate would have it 3 out of my 4 Morgans are chestnut (two very BRIGHT chestnuts). I probably have another one on the way.  So I’m trying to start a new trend.

If you can’t join me, at least try to tolerate me!

 Here are some good reasons to see the “light”:

  1. When you walk into your trainers barn, it is VERY easy to find your horse (probably the only orange one in the place).
  2. It is easy to point out your horse in the show ring to your family and friends.
  3. Judges will like you, if only for the fact that you stand out and it is easy for them to mark you off their card when your horse does something stupid.
  4. Their white feet and flaxen tail gives your trainer something to do at shows (You know how much down time they have…I am SURE they appreciate the extra work; I know mine LOVE it).
  5. Chestnuts are easy to bring in from the pasture in the dark…you will see the bright light glowing from them 100 yards away.
  6. You don’t have to worry about finding show clothes or horse clothes to match them…none exist (just kidding, Marsha).

See…don’t you want to run out and buy one right now!!!

7 Responses to Chestnut…The New Bay

  1. mdmossburg says:

    Nicely done.

    My farm is filled with bays and one or two chestnuts with a lone black stallion. pretty soon the “boring” colors will be new again with all the Rainbow of colors that are now available.

    Margo Mossburg
    Dragoon Morgans & Studios
    Spokane, WA

  2. Karen Barber says:

    I actually had an orange one given to me by Aunt when he was born. She was pissed he was a chestnut colt I guess. We love him!

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    I know how that goes. The first one we bought the owner couldn’t wait to get rid of her. She turned out to be a great horse for me and my daughter…the previous owner was kickin’ herself; i thought it was pretty funny.

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Did anybody notice the “chestnut” ads that Google automatically put up? Made me laugh.

  5. I LOVE chestnuts! Especially with a little white on their face. We have chestnuts the color of old pennies and chestnuts that look almost black. We even had one of those glowing red ones. Someone who lived nearby thought she was so beautiful that he bought her. My liver mare and black stallion are making flaxen chestnut babies.

    Hey, the conquistadors liked chestnut horses the best because they believed they were the hardiest. Most of my chestnuts have never been sick a day in their life, so maybe it’s true.

    I have an older chestnut mare who was sold by a previous owner because “she’ll never priduce a bay.” All her colts since have been bay and her last foal was a chestnut filly that looks exactly like her.

    I’ll always be a chestnut Morgan fan. : )

  6. Black Eye Beth says:

    I knew there had to be some of you out there!

  7. Mocha Mom says:

    And passionate too. Anyone out there with a pinto Morgan or high white?

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