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New Camera

So a few days ago I bought a new DSLR camera. I have a few personal clients for whom I do website development. Many of these clients are Morgan Horse sites and they’re always saying to me “we need new pictures for the site”. I finally thought to myself, maybe I should pick up a…

Shively 2000 22″ for Sale-950

Shively 2000 22″ Saddle for sale, brown, adjustable bars, in great condition. email for pictures/information. Located in Michigan. Also have: Courbette Cresta 17″-Almost new condition- asking 450, paid 1100. Bighorn 15″ Western Saddle- completely tooled and some silver, could be kids show or work saddle, great condition- asking 350

2011 AMHA Convention Videos & More

Thanks to the folks at Hawk Media and Premier Horse Videos, video from the 2011 AMHA Convention seminars is now available for free. Check out for these and other fun videos. Boy I could waste a lot of time there! I haven’t watched it (and it’s kinda yesterday’s news at this point), but there…

Cow Crazy is the new Horse Crazy

I always take pride the story of when I was younger and my parents said to me “If you can save up enough money to buy a horse then you can have a horse” never expecting that I would actually do it. Well, this girl’s parents told her a flat out “no”. And, as desperate…

New AMHA Judging Video

AMHA has announced the release of the new AMHA Judging Standards Video. I think this has been in the works for some time. I’m thinking of ordering a copy for myself. Has anyone seen it, or any parts of it?

Horse Photography

I don’t know how many of you out there follow the Pioneer Woman‘s blog, but one thing she does on occasion is reader submitted photography assignments. This week’s assignment is horsey photos. I know some of you have some great photos of your Morgans, it would be so fun to see them get posted.

Snowy Picture Submissions

I had so much fun checking my email over the weekend and getting to see your snowy photo submissions! As much as I wanted to include them all, I didn’t want this post to get too long. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorites: This is “Breeze”, a Morgan gelding. Submitted…

Morgan Weathervane/Review Tapes

Hey everyone, I’ve asked this on an earlier post, figured I’d try again. A prize for the person who can give me the name of a company/person who does Morgan-shaped weathervanes for the tops of barns, etc. I’m talking a saddle type morgan, not the traditional ‘weathervane horse’ we’ve all seen. I did call the Morgan…

Looking for old issues of the Morgan Horse Magazine

Hello Everyone:   I am seeking old issues of the magazine dating in the late 1980′s.  More specifically, I would like to find some pictures of Funquest Altair.  Does anyone have any available?  I have been searching online for the past few months but was not successful.

A trip down memory lane

In the process of a pending move I’ve been sorting through some of my things figuring out what can get tossed, what can go to Goodwill, what can go in storage and what can come with me.  One of the drawers that I haven’t opened in years is the photo drawer.  I’ve never been one…