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Morgan Women and their Stallions

On a more light-hearted note, what is it with Morgan Women and their Stallions?  My wife handles Ken Mar Winston for all breeding and he dotes on her (well, of course-look what he gets), but he barely tolerates me and I feed him, clean him, trim him and in general am his servant.  When we…

In hand: The more things change

In the November/December issue of TMH there was a letter to the editor on the current status of the in-hand divisions. To give some context, the letter was actually received after the New England Regional in 2013, and is being reviewed by the Judging Standards Committee. The committee is seeking feedback from the Morgan community…

Used LaSalle Show Harness for sale

Used LaSalle Patent Leather Show Harness with brass fittings and red trim. Blinder has small mark and 1 girth keeper is broken. Over check/Side check bridle. Asking $450.00 – pictures available.

Lack of young stock impacting trainers

Sharing Carrots from the AMHA has a link to an article in Saddle & Bridle setting forth the huge impact that the precipitous drop in foals/registrations will have on trainers.  ASHA has seen 50plus% drop in registrations.  The article quoted 40% of Saddlebreds go into the show ring (seems like a high percent to me,…

Showing in hand question

Hi everyone, I have a question about how Morgans are shown in hand. Why do people hover so close to the face when the horses are being stood up? Why not get away from the horse and let them be seen?  It sometimes looks as if the handler is picking at the horse, fussing with…

Corcel blankets

Does anyone know what happened to Corcel? The company that made all those nice sheets and blankets for Morgans? It’s been a few years since I needed to buy one, went online and suddenly they’re just gone!

Mid Atlantic Breeders Sale

  Any results yet from the Mid A sale? I cannot believe this sale did not have a live stream!

New Morgan website

Hi all, Haven’t been on here for quite a while…thought I would rejoin some of the discussions this year, and also let everyone know that we finally have a website for our Morgans!  Yeah!!! Visit if you get a chance. Thanks much! Kim Viker

NEW to the Blog

Hi, Im Mary Anne Morrison. Long time Morgan Breeder, Trainer, USEF Judge. I have never been much on computers and social media but its time for me to learn. We have some wonderful horses. Many have never seen the show ring. But they deserve recognition. My website is pretty stale…. but

Morgan Horse Future

The latest issue of TMH has some thought-provoking features.    In particular, Steve Kinney talked about the coming dearth of young horses due to the tremendous drop in registration/births stemming from breeding farm’s decisions not to produce during the economic recession several years ago. He talks about the problems stemming from those past decisions, including the…