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GN Prizelist posted

The prizelist for GN has been posted on the website:

Approximatley how much money does it cost to go to nationals?

I live in the Indiana/michigan/illinois/ohio area. For trailering it it 500-600$ How much approximatley is it? What fees are there? HELP!! haha I don’t know if I am going or not, because of the money. I don’t know even a range on how much it costs. How much did it cost for you, and how…

Cenntennial Ride Wanted

Seeking trailer space for mare sold to TX. Owner to meet in OKC. Horse currently in central MO. I’m not able to deliver due to other show commitment, but can meet up in KC if that would get this done. Please email if you can help. Thank you!

Old Patterns?

Does anyone know where I can find/if I can find equitation patterns from previous Grand Nationals? I’m starting a binder to practice with during the off season. So far I can only find the ones from this year and last year. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Favorite Thing About Oklahoma

So I know it’s rather early to start talking about grand nationals, but I just found out the other day that I’m going, and I’m, well, …REALLY EXCITED!!! I haven’t gone since 2005? That seems like such a long time ago. I was a mere walk-trotter, and I can’t seem to remember too much. All…

Weanlings @ Grand National

Hey folks, this is something I’ve been curious about in the past but have never gotten around to asking anyone.  I’ve noticed there are no weanling in-hand classes at Grand National (or through World Morgan Futurity).  I’m curious what the reason is for this?  Has this always been the case?  What’s your opinion of this? …

Oklahoma Hotel Question

Last year just watching at Okl we stayed at the Hilton Garden.  This year we are an exhibitor so staying much longer, therefore looking for something a bit less.  The La Quinta Inn was across from us and I kept saying it looked decent but never went to check it out.  Has anyone stayed there?

Traveling to OKC

Hi! I’m doing a project for Driver’s Education. We have to pick a destination at least 1500 miles away, and I chose OKC since it may become a very realistic trip in the future! I live in Vermont, so it’s about 1600 miles. I have a few questions: When traveling a far distance with your…

Oklahoma Video

I was just wondering, has anyone ever thought of making the live feed of worlds into a DVD and selling it? This may require a little higher quality video camera (I dont actually know that, just a guess) but I definitely think it would be worth it. I don’t know about others but, I know…

13 and Under/ w/t classic or pleasure horse available, rides and drives

Daily Double, 5th in classic driving at nationals this year in 13 and Under.  Daughter has new horse so he needs sold.  Nice horse.  Asking 7000 but open to ALL offers. His video is on YouTube or he is listed on Morganshowcase.