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AMHA Convention

Anyone here go to the convention this year? I’d love to hear the news. How were the sessions? I hear there’s some bootleg video floating around the interwebs of some band called “Harry and the Lashwhips” that performed. Someone do tell…

Website Maintenance

Hey all, for anyone who has tried to register or reset their password over the last few months I want to start with a big apology to you all. It seems the outgoing mail from the website that would normally send you your account information has NOT been going out. I’m not sure how long…

looking for a pennsbury jog cart

please send pics and price , location .  in ny       for morgan horse.

$650 Firm ~ Gorgeous 21″ Joseph Sterling Adjustable Bar Saddle

Beautiful 21″ Joseph Sterling cutback saddle.  Adjustable stirrup bars.  One of the nicest saddles I’ve seen in a long time!  e-mail or call 603-756-3734 for more information and pictures.

Defining Quality

I’ve been reading a number of generic horse periodicals lately and am struck by some of the differences in content versus typical Morgan publications. One of the differences I’d noticed was the regularity of discussions on conformation in other publications. So I was really excited to see the feature in this month’s TMH on defining…

Jerald Natural Walnut Stain Show Cart

Jerald 88″ in natural stained walnut with gold pinstripe. Comes complete with chrome wheels, chrome hubs, patent dash with chrome rail, velvet wingback seat, patent boot and full padded covers. Cart was bought new and only used at one show. To purchase this new is $2800. Asking $2150. Located in southern Maine. Pictures available at…

Vintage Dale Chavez

Custom Vintage Dale Chavez breast collar with silver pieces encrusted with berry edges. One owner and only used once. A standout piece to add to your collection! $350 Pictures available (I wasn’t able to get them on this post). E-mail

full figured hunt coats/shirts for sale

The Wellington Collection chocolate and rust size 16r  $50 Equine Athletics Taupe herringbone size 20 $25 Emjay custom hunt coat with coordinating raw silk shirts $500 18/40 Van Teal Yellow/beige plaid $1518/40 Van Teal Tan/Olive small plaid $1518/40 Van Teal Purple stripe (subdued) $15XXXL Tuff Rider magenta $10 Pictures available at the following link:

Young Breeder

This is an interesting club created for young “breeders” of the Holsteiner assoc. If you can read German please check their webpage. If not check it out anyway and use google translate. Never know what you will find on another horse associations website. That being shared, how is our youth rate? How are our efforts…

Morgan Breed Marketability

In some ways this topic piggy-backs on the “Lack of Young Stock” discussion. But even though it’s related it is a different conversation so I decided to post a new thread. A “facebook friend” of mine who’s a reputable Morgan breeder in the northwest recently posted a question on facebook that got a lot of…