Morgan Women and their Stallions

On a more light-hearted note, what is it with Morgan Women and their Stallions?  My wife handles Ken Mar Winston for all breeding and he dotes on her (well, of course-look what he gets), but he barely tolerates me and I feed him, clean him, trim him and in general am his servant.  When we first married, her stallion UVM Lancer was horribly jealous of me.  I, of course, made a point of kissing Sue in front of his stall while he bit the bars.  We eventually reached an understanding, but Sue was His Person all his life.

I do not have much experience with other breeds, but it seems to me over the years that whenever we visit a Morgan farm, the lady of the house is the one who is showing off “her” boy.   It may be because most Morgan stallions are easily handled by women, but the bond is more than just happenstance or convenience.  I was struck by this when I saw the delightful “Sharing Carrots” photo of a tiny Laura Ingalls Wilder holding one of Almanzo’s Morgan Stallions.

I think it would be entertaining to collect a series of stories about Morgan women and their stallions.

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  1. empressive says:

    *shrugs* I actually do not believe I’ve noticed that, but I will be looking for it in the future.

    I currently have my own stallion and so far am his only caretaker. My sister had some friends over and one of the guys went up to the stud with a treat… well my old man turned his head away and ignored the guy until I came over.

    The same? I do not believe so, but that is a very interesting thought and story Chris.

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