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Hi, Im Mary Anne Morrison. Long time Morgan Breeder, Trainer, USEF Judge. I have never been much on computers and social media but its time for me to learn. We have some wonderful horses. Many have never seen the show ring. But they deserve recognition. My website is pretty stale…. but

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  1. Welcome to the blog, Mary Anne. We always welcome commentary here, and you sound like you bring a great background.
    Any thoughts on Steve Kinney’s article in the last TMH, or the proposal in the same issue that the in-hand classes be judged by reference to the closest adherence to a breed standard rather than the present mode?
    I would love to get a discussion going here. There is no other blog I am aware of where Morgan people can come to discuss the breed and showing in general.
    The suggestion of promoting an in-hand presentation as a way to attract new entrants is particularly interesting to me. I have seen in-hand degenerate from the premier class of the show, with get-of-sire entrants filling the ring, to the present day “trotting contest” where the hottest, most “brilliant”, craziest entrant gets the nod. How you can judge a class that does not stand still more than a second or so is beyond me.

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