Where to Find Jobs in the Morgan World

I have never seen any Morgan related job postings on yardandgroom.com or any of the other big equine job websites, does anyone have any advice on trying to find a job with Morgans? I really want to move back to the NY/New England region to be closer to family and really want to get back to working with Morgans.

Ive been working in the horse industry since high school teaching lessons, starting horses, Ive done huntseat, western, dressage, driving and a little saddle seat and have even worked on a breeding farm. Currently working in the Hunter/jumper world.

However, I have ALWAYS loved Morgans, An instructor I rode with in middle school had a small string of them and I owned one in high school and in 4H I always did my public presentation on a topic related to Morgans. I always thought I would graduate college and start a Morgan farm… Unfortunately money stands in the way of that and I have just taken whatever horse jobs have come along. Now I have found myself on the opposite side of the country that i would like to live and not working with the breed I love…..

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  1. Don’t give up….hope you find your perfect job!

  2. ghfarm says:

    Send me an email, I may know of something that is available in NY.

  3. Roadtrot14 says:

    Does anyone know of any in MA/NH? I am majoring in Equine Management and am trying to find a job at a morgan show barn.

  4. gotmorgans says:

    We are looking to hire a full time employee at Lingering Hills in Afton NY. We can include housing!:) Email me at gotmorgans@yahoo.com if your interested!

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