Question about “Suitablitiy for Dressage” class


A friend of mine rides dressage and is thinking about going to her first Morgan show–New York Morgan in September.  She had a question: “The dressage section is obvious to me, however, they do offer a ‘suitability for dressage’ class in hand on the triangle which is listed in the same area as the dressage classes. That’s what we did at Devon…I just want to make sure it is the same type of class and they are not looking for the horse to be parked out, or really up.  Can you shed any light on this for me?”

I’ve been to plenty of Morgan shows, but I show saddleseat, so I’m not compeletly confident in my answer.  I told her I would think the class would work like her class at Devon.  I can’t believe they would want the horse streched!  Can anyone with more knowledge confirm this for me?? 

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Also looking forward to the response!

  2. empressive says:

    The class is directly as per its namesake. “Suitability for Dressage”. The horse does not need to be parked out, but rather stand square and is showcased in an English or Dressage bridle. Optional, mane and tail braided.

    I’m sure there are others who can chime in more extensively, but there is my 2 cents. I showed a mare of mine in several in-hand classes. Figured best do the running around bit while I am still young.

  3. I showed in that class at the MoRab national. I particularly like the triangle pattern as it really lets the judge look the horse over. I agree you do not want the horse “up” but they don’t want to trudge either. Square ‘em up and good luck!

  4. emmy says:

    Thank you for the replies. Glad I didn’t steer her wrong! Thanks again!

  5. Eves fan says:

    This is definitely like showing at Devon…we’ve done both!

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