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split reins versus romal rains

Is it frowned  upon to show in split reins? It seems most people show in romal reins? Thanks

America’s Own

I received my copy of the new book “America’s Own”.  Finished reading it yesterday.  Beautifully made, great stories.  Well worth the price and it came with a presentation box and documents.  This would make a great gift for people to give to new Morgan owners, or Christmas /birthdays.   It will have a prominent place on…

New England 2013

Who else is getting excited?! Anyone attending from here?

Question about “Suitablitiy for Dressage” class

Hello, A friend of mine rides dressage and is thinking about going to her first Morgan show–New York Morgan in September.  She had a question: “The dressage section is obvious to me, however, they do offer a ‘suitability for dressage’ class in hand on the triangle which is listed in the same area as the…

America’s Own

We got the MHM yesterday and today I checked out the site at Brydan publishing regarding the book editen  by Mr. Hickman, “America’s Own”.  The series of examples of the contents of the book look very compelling and well-laid out.   Maybe a book like this can lead to increased interest in America’s own baroque horse,…

2013 Penn Ohio

Does anyone know where I can find a prize list for the 2013 Penn-Ohio? I know last year they had a big publicity push and lots of prize money. I don’t know how that went over, but now they don’t even have 2013 show information on the website.