Morgan People respond to disaster in Oklahoma

Just a shout out to the wonderful people working to assist in Moore, OK.  I am sure there are others, but Kelly Kraegel left the afternoon of the twister with her veterinarian in tow to assist where they could.  Andy Illes has established a fund, Scott Nevers has a stall set up for donations at the Michigan All Morgan show this weekend, and Joyce Ackerman Burroughs has done the same at Western NY show.  Kudos to them all.  Assist where you can and God Bless all those affected both two legged and four.

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  1. Has anyone heard if any of the Morgan people around OKC are in need of help? I read about the terrible loss of horses at the Orr Family Farm. We lived in the edge of tornado alley for 15 years but did not ever sustain storm damage, although a tornado struck about 5 miles from our valley once. The terrible thing about tornadoes is that you cannot do anything to prevent damage. Wildfires you can fight, hurricanes you can flee, but you only get 15 minutes at most to seek shelter from a tornado, and your horses are at its mercy.

  2. Inspiring for sure!

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