Wilform Road cart for sale

We have a Wilform Road cart (manufactured Long Beach CA) which we would like to sell.   Wilforms were a West Coast brand primarily, but they made beautiful light closed wheel road carts and this is one we have had for about 15 years in storage.  It is black w/red pinstripe and the paint and wood condition is excellent.  It has 88″ shafts and it needs new ferrules/shaft ends and tug keepers.  The boot has some wear and a tear on the bottom.  I have the original Wilform wheels but they are not chromed and have some rust.  I am ordering new tires (26×2.125) from Jerald and they will be mounted.    It would not take much at all to put this into condition suitable for a nice working jog cart at home or at a show.  You could probably show it in class A with new chrome wheels and a patent leather boot, but the style is dated .   I would trade this cart for a pair of Houghton 26/2.125 wheels/tires in show condition.

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