P.A.S.T HB1518

I was pleased and proud to see the  AMHA listed as a supporting organization of the Prevent All Soring Tactics bill which was just introduced in Congress.  This bill (HR1518) is intended to put more teeth in the Horse Protection Act.   It is very discouraging at times to live in Tennessee and hear about the abuse of the tennessee walking horses.   Currently there is a fight over whether Governor Haslam is going to vetoe an Ag-Gag law making the filming of livestock abuse a crime unless the evidence is turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours.  Some newspapers have already stated the law violates the 1st amendment and I think that is probably correct.    It is hard to explain to outsiders how much power the “big-lick” trainers and owners have in this state.  Even if the evidence was turned over, you simply cannot get local law enforcement to prosecute.

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