The Joy of Finding the Right Buyer

Selling a horse is rarely easy, especially when that horse has been your partner through a significant time in your life. In the past few years I’ve sold 2 such horses. The first was my Gracie girl, Hartland Artistry. She was my first Morgan, ever. I had wanted to own a Morgan since I was in high school and bought her not long after my dad died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. She was my therapy. I spent many hours in her stall and on her back developing a relationship that I will never forget.

Gracie also gave me my first foal. A special little filly named Ruby. Selling that filly was my first introduction to the friendship that can come from loving the same horse. I’m friends with Ruby’s owner to this day. We have a standing date at the Jubilee Morgan Regional to stop into Chesapeake Seafood House in Springfield, IL for crab legs and I’m going to her wedding this summer. Gracie herself was sold to Canada and has changed hands a few times since I owned her, but I’ve kept up with every sale and have always been able to rest assured that she’s in good hands.

As of Saturday, March 30th, 2013 I have sold another mare who will always mean a lot to me. Heidi (Heirabella) is a 19 year old mare who went through cancer with me. Heidi has not been the easiest horse for me to own. As old as she is (although young for a Morgan) she had not been ridden in a very long time before going to Rick and Nancy Allen at Equilink in May of 2012. We quickly learned that she wants so badly to love people, but has a hard time trusting them. Because of her personality it took a lot of time just to become her friend to get her to the point where she is today. But I would not trade that experience for anything. In the end it was impossible not to become attached to her. All she wanted was to be my friend and it was impossible to refuse her gentle eyes.

The woman who purchased Heidi is named Bridget and Heidi is her first Morgan. I knew the first time I spoke to Bridget on the phone that she was the perfect fit. But, being the practical type that I am I was not counting my chickens before they hatched. Today when I saw Bridget ride Heidi for the first time I knew. It was fate. They were meant to be.

I have been very fortunate in the buyers that I’ve found for my horses and I look forward to being that perfect buyer for someone else in the near future. The world is my oyster and I can’t wait to find the horse who will be at my side when the next significant phase in my life happens, whatever that may be.

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  1. empressive says:

    Congrats and well said. It’s not easy finding a good home for the horses we love, but when we do its a beautiful thing and the friendships created can last a long time.

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