hunt breeches for mature adult figure

What are the best brand of breeches for a fuller figure with actual hips and curves rather than these brands that only seem to fit teens? Would like to find something in chocolate too but I am having trouble with all the brands out there and limited access to stores.

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  1. sportymorgan says:

    Here are some that I like (I wear a size 8 or 10 petite, and definitely am curvy!):

    – Ovation Euroweaves
    – Tropical Rider — anything not low rise
    – Equissentials are not necessarily show breeches, depending on what fabric they have available, but they will do made-to-measure for the same price as off the rack.

    The Ovations are the least expensive of these.

  2. ghfarm says:

    OnCourse Shapleys! I believe that they have an extra 5″ in the hips without being too large in the waist. My favorite breeches by far. They come in both knee patch and full seat.

  3. luvmymorgan says:

    Royal Highness Breeches from Breech Depot are wonderful and reasonably priced.

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