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hunt breeches for mature adult figure

What are the best brand of breeches for a fuller figure with actual hips and curves rather than these brands that only seem to fit teens? Would like to find something in chocolate too but I am having trouble with all the brands out there and limited access to stores.

Western Show Clothing

A few folks have posted recently asking about western show clothing. I was researching state equine associations this morning and on the Missouri QH Association site they had a link for used show clothing. There weren’t any items listed, but it’s not uncommon for Morgan WP attire to be described as “a few years behind…

Anyone interested in trading their morgan for a saddlebred…

I only have time to show one breed. And the morgan is my favorite so I’m looking to trade my saddlebred. He’s really the coolest. 15.3 chestnut, pretty, 11 yo. Very well behaved but hot. Smooth trot and canter, nice back end. Very ‘point and go’. Has shown park and three gaited in the past….


Shoot….I mean “Have”…..

Morgan Horse Pavilion

What is the present construction status of the Morgan Horse Pavilion at the KHP?  I attended the grand opening years ago, but I have not been in Lexington since.  Is it anywhere near completion?  Is any part of it open?  Has any of the blog readers been up there recently who can report?