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I urge the readers on this blog to check out  This looks like a great idea to produce a documentary film tracing the role the Morgan played in the story of America.  It is titled: A New Horse For A New Country.   The clip displayed on the website is a teaser for how the film will be presented.

I have maintained for a long time that the Morgan is the quintessential Baroque Horse.  Our horse has the beauty of the imported breeds without the snob factor.  While not as romantically “hairy” as the Andalusians or the Friesians (where is Bulrush when we need him?),  I think the honest, sturdy Morgan typifies the true appeal of a breed developed by canny, penny-pinching Vermonters.  A horse that could do everything, and look good doing it.

While I acknowledge the debt the breed owes to the show ring, which kept the breed relevant and alive when it could have disappeared, I think the breed needs to explore a new demographic: the amateur owner who has taken a financial beating the last few years, but who very much wants the connection with horses and now has the money to put into one horse, and wants as much return as possible for the investment of time and money and emotion that they put into that horse.

I intend to support this film as much as I can.   I hope we see this film in many places, particularly on RFD channel and History channel.

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Yes, my local club was contacted to support the film. I believe they’re not just looking for monetary contributions, but also photos, video, stories, etc.

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