How to find western jacket

Where are folks finding those beautiful ladies western jackets without the big collars?  I’ve waited patiently for the “fat Elvis is in the house” big collar and cuffs fashion dominating the stock type breeds to pass.  But it hangs on for about a decade now.  Makes shopping tough.  Saw so many pretty ones at Nationals.  Any shopping tips?

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  1. Jan says:

    MJ Skelenicka makes beautiful custom jackets, chaps, eq shirts, etc. Alot of Mary Carlton’s western riders use her as well as other Michigan, Indiana and Ohio barns.
    Her address is

  2. mbk says:

    This is a person I know she will work with what you want if you could mention I sent you (Mike Kropp) she is looking to expand and does great work. Her name is Linda…

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