Monthly Archives: January 2013

How to find western jacket

Where are folks finding those beautiful ladies western jackets without the big collars?  I’ve waited patiently for the “fat Elvis is in the house” big collar and cuffs fashion dominating the stock type breeds to pass.  But it hangs on for about a decade now.  Makes shopping tough.  Saw so many pretty ones at Nationals….

Mason Dixon Classic

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!! The 2013 Mason-Dixon Classic Horse Show Prize list has been posted! Prize lists will be mailed out this coming weekend, but why wait? Download a copy for yourself right now! If you would like to be added to our mailing please contact or 717-514-4772.

Shadowland Morgans/Pennsylvania

Does anyone have any information about the situation with Morgan horses at Shadowland Morgans?  I picked up at COTH that some of the horses have been taken by the authorities.

Mid atlantic auction

Is anyone attending with a trailer that could possibly deliver a horse about an hour and a half south west of the auction site? I’m looking at picking something up if prices are reasonable but need a ride.


Campell 20 inch adjustable bar bridle leather saddle $1000.00 plus shipping. Black cutback –probably Argentine–20 inch in good shape, just needs good oiling.  $75.00 plus shipping Barnsby 19 linch cutback–not adjustable bar–needs a good oiling.  $125.00 plus shipping. Concept English made close contact, 18 inches.  $325.00 plus shipping. All these saddles are in good shape…