Winter riding plans

I’m an AOTS rider in Michigan.  My horses are kept at home and we don’t have an indoor arena.  So our riding is weather and footing dependent.  Our, darling daughter and me, riding is confined to nicer days when it isn’t too slippery.  Mostly we toddle around a little walk/trot.  More companionship with our horses than training.   We have a tradition where I’d put the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving and then we’d saddle up for a trail ride around the farm and pastures.

Any other AOTS riders with limited facilities?  How much and what kind of riding do you do in the winter?



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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I love your Thanksgiving tradition! I was always the lone wolf in my family growing up as the only horse lover. That trend has continued as far as family is concerned. I am getting a bit of a barn family though now that I have my horse at a local Morgan training barn. Fortunately we have an indoor arena there so I can keep riding through the winter regardless of the weather. But I don’t have any winter riding traditions. I hope you and your daughter enjoy your Turkey Day tradition this year!

  2. ElisabethK says:

    Thanks. I’m late in responding…my computer had to go to the *vet*…seems to be better now.

    We had a great little ride, nothing fancy. Lately, it’s been cold and windy on the days I could ride and very nice and sunny on the days I couldn’t. Story of my life! lol

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