zaldi saddle dealers in the u.s.

My horse has now decided to be a hunt horse so I need to switch gears and find new tack.  I tried several saddles and the one that fits my horse and I the best is a Zaldi Oro jumping saddle(32 cm. gullet) 17″ seat.  I can’t find a used one anywhere so where can I find a distributor in the U.S.?  Trying to keep my costs down and do some comparison shopping, tried and rode several Zaldi Royal models but the leg position was all wrong; unfortunately that model is easy to find but the Oro isn’t.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. nickhand7528 says:

    Contact Becky at Stone Ledge Farm in South Beliot, IL.

  2. Zaldiusa says:

    We would be happy to get you one. We(Jamie/Stone Ledge farm and I) are the authorized dealers for the US. Please contact me(David)for a price at 815-621-9670 .

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