AMHA Full Circle Program

Whoa, I love this! AMHA has announced a new program to help minimize the occurrence of Morgans ending up in undesirable situations because they are not wanted by their current owners. It’s called “Full Circle” and you can read more about it on the AMHA website. It allows anyone to attach their name and contact information to any registered Morgan. AMHA will keep that information on file and if someone expresses that they are not able to care for the horse for any reason they can obtain a list of contacts for their horse of people who would be willing to help out.

There are a slew of reasons a horse could end up in a situation like this, not all of them nefarious or irresponsible (I think nefarious might be my new favorite word, that’s the second time I’ve used it this week). The owner could lose their job, the kid goes to college, people die. The ways to help are also numerous, you don’t necessarily have to take the horse.

Remember, you don’t have to have owned a horse to submit your information. We all have certain Morgans that we admire and would never want to let slip through the cracks (it happens, even to the best!). Frankly, I think anyone who has ever bred a Morgan should put their names in for those horses.

This is not a sure bet to eliminate Morgans going to slaughter. Not everyone is going to contact AMHA for help. But I think it’s a great step for the association to take in doing it’s part to protect the breed.

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