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I’m researching the pedigree and family history of the 1988 bay Morgan mare Plum Haven Leilani as part of a birthday present for her new owner. I’m looking particularly for pictures, stories, and show records about her family. I was hoping you might be able to help me find out more about some of the horses in her pedigree or point me toward some resources.
I haven’t been able to find any information on this mare’s sire and dam. Any information at all on Petalbrook Augustus #75883 (1979 bay stallion) and Goldenaire Anastacia #72880 (chestnut mare) would be really appreciated.
These are some of the other horses in her five generation pedigree that I am seeking formation on:
Bennfield’s Ace #15971 – Foaled 5/18/1965, Vermont. Bred by E. Curtiss & Katharine A. Pierson.
Bennfield #9940 – Br. by CA Beckwith. Foaled 5/2/1942, Connecticut.
Cathy Serenity #9518 – Foaled 4/3/1956, Meeting Waters Farm, VT. Bred by F.H. Bryant.
Bar-T Leaders Glee #12893 – Bred by SP Tompkins. Foaled May 8, 1963, Rowley, MA.
Fleetwing #8884 – Foaled 4/17/1943, Ohio. Bred by Merle D. Evans.
Royal Rose #7102 – Foaled May 1947, Rochester, IL. Bred by JR Brunk.
Foxfire #10601 – Foaled 3/23/1951, Pawnee, IL. Breeder: Helen B. Greenwalt.
Devan Hattie #9106 – br. by Merle D. Evans Foaled 7/21/1954, Massillon, OH.
Petalbrook Sigmalect #12391 – Breeder: Philip W. & Jean S. Jackson. Foaled 4/10/1959, Wappingers Falls, NY.
Wind-crest Abner #12055 – Foaled: 05-04-1958, Windsor, VT. Bred by M/M F.O. Davis.
Little Sister #8970 – br. by George Dygert Jr. Foaled 6/7/1951, Syracuse, NY.
Colonel Dygert #9484 – Br. by George Dygert Jr. Foaled 7/9/1946, Syracuse, NY.
Selection #5049 – br. by Anna D. Ela. Foaled 5/22/1936, Townshend, VT.
Norma #6098 – Foaled 6/26/1943, Middlebury, VT. Bred by USDA, VT.
Tutor #10198 – Foaled 5/2/1949, Middlebury, VT. Bred by USDA, VT. Owned by Sky Ridge Morgans, Sonoma, CA.
Janee #5202 – Br. by JC Brunk. Foaled May 1933, Springfield, IL.
Pecos #8969 – Bred by C.E. Allen. Foaled: March 6, 1944
Oldwick Heather #14665 – Foaled 1965
Abbey Gail #5928 – Foaled 1942
Glendalect #7078 – Foaled 1947
Goldenaire Benalee – #25566. Foaled 1973


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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I would start with the AMHA website. They have a historical photo archive that may be helpful. Go to -> About the Morgan -> Morgan Photo Archive. Many of the names you mention above are popular horses and should have photos there.

    Another good place to look is If you see a horse in a pedigree with a * by it’s name that means there’s a photo available for that horse. If you click on that horse’s name then go to Maintenance -> Edit Information you should be able to copy/paste the link in Picture URL into your address bar and then right click on the picture to save it.

  2. lkoerper says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve pretty much exhausted the resources available in those two places. I’m hoping to find some pictures of the less famous horses and I’d like to know more about any of their show careers.

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    There’s a yahoo chat group called morgan_memoirs. There’s rarely any discussion on it, but if you ask about specific horses sometimes you can get some good stories, even pictures. It might be worth trying.

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