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16″ Circle Y Park and Trail Western saddle for sale

16″ Tooled Circle Y Park and Trail saddle for sale. Excellent condition, purchased new in late 2007. No cracking. Dark Oil Antique. Regular bars. Oiled and cleaned regularly. Asking $800.00 OBO. E-mail me at, call at 603-756-3734 or message me on here for more details and pictures!

Tall Hunt Boots

I have a pair of tall hunt boots that I used in college. I have not pulled them out of their box for a few years until this past Sunday. I could not get those suckers on my legs. It’s not that my calves have gotten fatter. I remember feeling sometimes like the circulation was…

What would you do…

…If you were the horse? Will it make you handle the horses in your care with more compassion? I couldn’t sleep the other night after attending a sale (not Morgans) and witnessing a trainer at a large barn repeatedly whip a horse across the front legs while leading it. She was walking back from the…

Radon Blanket and Corcel Scrims for sale

I currently trying to sell a Radon Equilite Blanket and Corcel Scrim Sheets. 76″ Forest Green/Beige Trim Closed Front Equilite Blanket Listing as Brand New as it has been on a horse once. Asking $135.00 74″ Black/Kelly Green Trim Closed Front Corcel Scrim Sheet used on a horse 8 times still in brand new condition….

Hylee Sale

anyone know if results are going to be posted anywhere? Stacy

zaldi saddle dealers in the u.s.

My horse has now decided to be a hunt horse so I need to switch gears and find new tack.  I tried several saddles and the one that fits my horse and I the best is a Zaldi Oro jumping saddle(32 cm. gullet) 17″ seat.  I can’t find a used one anywhere so where can…

Pinecreek Immortal Vision

Hey all just curious if anyone has seen or knows of this colt. I had really liked his sire, Pinecreek Noble Vision,  and am now curious about this colt. (If he is still a colt). Any info on his dam, Pinecreek Liberation, would be appreciated as well. Thanks

AMHA Full Circle Program

Whoa, I love this! AMHA has announced a new program to help minimize the occurrence of Morgans ending up in undesirable situations because they are not wanted by their current owners. It’s called “Full Circle” and you can read more about it on the AMHA website. It allows anyone to attach their name and contact…

Honest question: Long tails?

I know one thing we all love about Morgans is their ability to grow long manes and tails, but… aren’t the very, very long tails seen in some show horses a safety issue? I got to watch a little bit of the live streaming from OKC, and saw a couple of horses in an equitation…

16.5 Crosby Corinthian AP for sale

16.5″ Crosby Corinthian AP for sale. Very good, show ready condition. No cracking anywhere. Dark brown. Medium tree, it fit my Morgans well. Oiled and cleaned regularly. Asking $395.00 OBO. E-mail me at or call at 603-756-3734 for more details.