OKC From Afar

If you can’t make it to OKC this year don’t dismay. Our favorite running ringside commentary, horseshow411 is back in the action for Grand National! Oh how I’ve missed our resident breed cheerleader with her always entertaining asides. I assume all posts will go through the actual site, but you might want to also check out her facebook page for pictures.

Streaming video will be available from MGNLive with individual classes available for purchase from Morgan Horse Videos.

Judges cards will be posted daily on the Grand National website.

I will also try to stay on top of results here as they become available. But, let’s be honest, the diehards will probably be checking gaitkeeper faster than me anyway.

So, grab a cup of coffee and prepare for unproductive behavior in the extreme! :)

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  1. Vintage_Rider says:

    I’ve WONDERED where they’ve been! Much better than the video feed!

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