Grand National Entries are posted!

WOW!!! There are some HUGE classes!!!!

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  1. Carley says:

    My excitement level doubled when I saw those classes!

  2. sportymorgan says:

    Apparently we’re so excited that we’ve crashed the website!

  3. Cyanstar says:

    Hi Everyone: I discovered the site today and since this will be my first trip to OKC with a Morgan, I am wowed by the size of classes!

    I certainly have my work cut out for me in my pleasure class but it will be exciting regardless of the outcome.

  4. sportymorgan says:

    Just found my friend’s two horses… Her hunter pleasure gelding’s classes are HUGE… The largest has 40 horses in it!

  5. Vintage_Rider says:

    Have fun Cyanstar! Make sure you visit the hospitality area, they really do a bang up job, and let them know you are a first timer. Also, they’ll divide non championship classes over, I think 23?

  6. LEstell says:

    Thanks for the plug Vintage_Rider. I am on the hospitality committee and we love to talk with people new to the show! We also have the judges cards, coffee and donuts in the morning, sell programs and AMHA and World Futurity items, and the rumor is we will have free popcorn again. And don’t forget those all important Silver Possibilities Tickets that gets you into the Silver Possibilities Party on Thursday night and might even win you your own golf cart!! Cyanstar do come see us, although I am not new to Grand National I will have horses showing for the fist time too. We can compare first show jitters!

  7. Cyanstar says:

    Thank you for the invite, I will drop by for sure. I have attended the show as a spectator a couple of times so I am somewhat familiar with the layout etc but first time with a horse; completely different outlook!

    In the prize list; it states they divide classes over 24 horses so I am in luck, my class will be split, it will still be a challenge but this helps my chances to be seen (for better or worse!)

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