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OKC From Afar

If you can’t make it to OKC this year don’t dismay. Our favorite running ringside commentary, horseshow411 is back in the action for Grand National! Oh how I’ve missed our resident breed cheerleader with her always entertaining asides. I assume all posts will go through the actual site, but you might want to also check…

Braiding at Shows

I’ve never offered braiding services at a show before, but I know there are folks who do. I’m considering practicing my braiding over the winter and offering to braid a few horses at a few shows I go to next year, partly to offset travel expenses. I’m curious what the going rate is for braiding…

Saddle seat riders with very wide feet

I have very wide feet, almost 10EEEE. Does anyone know of a company that makes riding boots that big? What do you do for stirups too? Any help would be great, thanks very much.

Super sweet, well bred Palomino weanling colt for sale ~ $5,000 OBO

We have a Palomino colt for sale.    We are asking $5,000 OBO.  Great show horse breeding on the dam’s side.  Here is his YouTube video: .  For pictures and more info, check out his ad: .  He has the sweetest disposition.  We own both his dam and maternal granddam and they also have wonderful…

Dale Chavez Show Saddle Monte Carlo Edition

Barely used Dale Chavez Show saddle with headstall, breast collar and saddle bag.  Shown in 4 times. WON every time. Not in the show circuit any long and hate seeing it just sit…it needs to help you bring home those ribbons! Paid $6500 for the set.  Will Sacrifice for $4500.

Diamond in the Rough

(I hope it’s alright to post this here). I am a proud new Morgan owner.  I have had horses for 24 years, but this is my first Morgan.  This past June, I found her advertised for $250 on Craigslist (not exactly the place I would normally look for my next horse but her ad caught…

Serafin Pleasure Cart

Serafin Pleasure Cart, black with red pinstrips, 88″ shafts, closed wheel style, patent dash,  black leather seat, black leather boot.  Tires in good condition, chrome wheels need shinning. Comes with cover.  Bought second hand.  Asking $850.00, 302-222-2644.  Located in Delaware.  

Grand National Entries are posted! WOW!!! There are some HUGE classes!!!!

Morgan Trotting

I have read through much of the recent TMH issue the last 2 days. My hat’s off to the magazine staff. There’s some excellent content this month (to be completely honest I could care less about the show write-ups, but the feature articles are great). I particularly enjoyed Stephen Kinney’s article on the trot. I…