Who wants my money? (show attendance)

Show bathrooms- not cleaned by fairgrounds, neglected by show management. Results in filthy, often cold shower.
ACTHA ride bathroom- cleaned daily, stocked with toiletries and airfresheners topped off with a sign saying “welcome competitors. We are glad you are here”

This isn’t about bathrooms… They are just a barometer of the issue. Shows know how to take care of some customers but not others. Yet they need the broader base to keep classes filled.

I could care less about lobster bisque for dinner if I can’t get clean first.

Show Loading and unloading is another area. It’s often chaos out there. The polite guy with the smaller barn usually ends up hugely inconvenienced having to haul stuff to stalls from a great distance.
At the ACTHA ride they even offered to park my trailer for me. I hear some European dressage shows have a person greeting trailers directing them to their stall assignments and organizing the traffic in the unload stage.

It’s always the case that the new venue will work harder to win the customer so no surprise show would face competition. Shows work hard at wooing some markets but miss the boat with others. The high dollar client brings cash to the show. But there is a whole group who spends a higher percentage of their income. They may not bring as much money but they fill classes and spend their money elsewhere if shows don’t recognize what they sacrifice to be there and meet their needs.

Curious to hear what would help others want to spend their hard earned horse budget at shows.

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