Itty Bitty Saddle Suit needed…

I have a little,little one leadlining…if we find her a suit…at the Morgan Medallion. So…i’m wondering if any of you have tiny suits for sale:) I MAY have found one, but if I won’t know until the end of the week if it’ll work and I’m concerned with it being the only one I’ve found.

She’s 5 yrs old and weighs 40 pounds.

Please email me if you have one…



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  1. morgansforfun says:

    You may want to try Heather Marchiafava’s shop called Shop Commotion. Go to She carries a wide variety of used consignment clothes including kids suits.

  2. StacyGRS says:

    already been there..she may have one, but not positive. We’re gonna try it, but it’s the only possibility she has…

  3. emmy says:

    If you haven’t already checked them, you might also try Midwest Saddleseat Consignment and The Good Habit.

  4. RaeOfLight says:

    Well, since all the cool kids are suggesting consignment places… you could check with Amy Preston at

  5. emmy says:

    Ah, but Erin, I wasn’t cool enough to post a link like you did!! :) :) :)

  6. morgansforfun says:

    You may also want to try

  7. morgansforfun says:

    Never mind. I see Emmy already posted this.

  8. RaeOfLight says:

    Yeah. But she wasn’t cool enough to post a link ;)

  9. StacyGRS says:

    we have one on the way to try out and another we may get sent too. Thanks everyone!:) I’ll be sure to post a pic of my little one at the show…she’s adorable!! And VERY excited:)

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