Clayhill’s new address

This is a double post from Facebook by Melissa Walker.  In case anyone is not aware Clayhill Farm had a devastating fire earlier this week and they are in need of EVERYTHING!!!!

Attention Morgan Friends!!! I have an address where the Clayhill horses are. They have requested any leather halters and ropes, and any and all work tack. Well you all know we have plenty of that stuff laying around so PLEASE, lets show the Facebook world what Morgan folk are made of!! Lets put UPS on stand by and swamp the trucks with boxes of tack and supplies!!! The address is 48211 Russia Road, Amherst Ohio 44001. COME ON GANG!!!!! LETS GET BUSY!!Thanks for caring and reading this everyone! yeah team Morgan!

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  1. somedaysue says:

    Not even a week before at a farm tour event put on by the Ohio Morgan Horse Association, Holly Linden and Sandy Sesnick were given special recognition for the wonderful job they had done in promoting Morgan horses at the Ohio Equine Affaire in April. Holly & Sandy donated money, time, organizational skills, horses, expertise and more time to make sure the Morgan horse was put before the public at this huge equine event, which draws visitors from all over the country. Thanks largely to their generosity and hard work, the Morgan horse was represented with a booth, a stall where a Morgan could be viewed and fussed over, and a “meet the breed” presentation which highlighted Morgan versatility.
    Now this terribly tragedy! I agree with the poster above — time for the Morgan community to pay back a bit and see what can be done to help.

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