In-Hand Divisions

In posting the new results for Red River Classic I noticed they have separate classes for in-hand based on division. So they have a Western in-hand class, Hunter in-hand and English/Classic/Park in-hand. Is this new? I’ve seen “suitability” classes before, is this basically the same thing? I’ve never seen an in-hand class explicitly defined as being for Saddle Seat division horses (although when it comes to Morgans that’s usually what it ends up being).

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  1. Jennifer says:

    In hand is judged differently than suitability or at least that what the specs say. All in hand classes are judged against the correct Morgan standard. While suitability is a sport horse class and should be judged on the horses proper movement, conformation and manners to become a sport horse, ie., excel in carriage, dressage or hunter/jumper.
    I like the specialty in hand classes as they allow the each division a chance to be judged according to there use. The Suitability classes are best if judged by a sport horse judge. Gold Cup is now having the dressage judge officiate this class and they are using the triangle. The exhibitor and horse and actually walk and trot a specific triangle pattern. This allows the judge to the horse from multiple angles to determine proper movement and way of going. Sport horse people really like horses with straight legs that move correctly :).
    Just my 2 cents :)

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